Friday, January 4, 2008

Identity Theft in Nashville and Davidson County -- A Reason Not To Vote?

My wife called this morning, mentioning a story concerning a break-in at the Davidson County Election Commission. It's a heavyweight town and area here politically. As we drove down Woodlawn Avenue yesteday, we wondered, "Oh, is that where Albert Gore's new home would be?"

Maybe those direct mail campaigns from the credit card companies were in line--pay your $20 a month and be worry-free. Vigilance in monitoring--this would appropriate action, especially now. Right this minute. Perhaps the insurance wouldn't be a bad idea. Will this be a tipping point? An even bigger escalation in the identity theft epidemic?

Were the thieves looking for cash, for crack? It seems those in government woke up, for the moment anyway; but it's reactive. With limited budgets and other agendas, how could it not happen? Audit is allegedly in progress.

The web could take this to a new level--there would be little time necessary to go and start spending money at an accelerated rate should further credentials be obtained. Maybe there will be a phone call from a credit card company asking if I really did order that Mercedez Benz from the Albuquerque dealer.

As far as computers go--these laptops. Were the hard drives encrypted? Perhaps the audit will make that determination. In government work I've done, that became a requirement. That might have come as a reaction to a theft--or perhaps Sarbanes-Oxley was an influence.

This will be a chance for the powers that be to restore my faith in government. If only there would be a way to hold out for a world where none of these extreme security measures would be necessary. Keeping my hopes up, that's the game. But until that perfect day arrives, the shredder will be buzzin', and we'll keep all close to the vest, practicing vigilance.

Why, oh why, did I have to vote?

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