Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blogger vs. Wordpress Revisited: A Work In Progress

I am in the midst of deciding which blogging platform is better--Blogger or Wordpress (yes, I'm ignoring some major contenders). It's a tough decision. A Google of "Blogger vs Wordpress" yields a sizeable result set. Looks like WordPress is coming out a bit ahead.

I decided to go the self-hosted WP route, to get a bit closer to the PHP, dig into the database as well. A point made by some was that the plugins were more plentiful in WordPress, and there was greater SEO control. WP's import features were convenient. The two blogs will be in sync for a bit. One of them will be retired, perhaps left as an archive, if the kind hosting powers that be permit it.

All in all, both are terrific CMS packages, allowing customization, convenience. They're easy to use. The WP was a bit of a challenge to deploy, as there was a need to hit the command line for a good while to get things up and running. A GUI is preferable to me vs. a text editor--but it's handy to know both. And sometimes, truly, you need both.

You are encouraged to comment here, drop a line. Tips on great widgets or plug-ins are welcome!


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