Monday, December 10, 2007

Web 3.0, Widgets, API's

Is what you're looking at on your computer local, or is it the web, or is it both? You may not know unless you look under the hood (oh yeah, and make sure you're connected--unless you've already done some work on REMEMBERTHEMILK.COM, as it, should you give it permission to do so, will keep your tasks offline, let you work on them, and then sync them up on the web once you log back in and decide to go ahead with sync).

On initial look at what Web 3.0 is referring to, the hallmark of the next gen is the blurring of these offline/online distinctions. It seems to me to be old news--but perhaps the fact that it may become the norm vs. the exception is what may make this a key characteristic.

In working as a developer a few years ago, discussing MS Interdev, the object explorer revealed browser embeds within a standard client server GUI. I don't remember what the class name was, or Method/Property combinations, but I did enough to realize that it could happen relatively quickly, via controls or quick instantiations.

It's become much more slick, however. The integration will be getting tighter, more sophisticated. Active content, Flash, widget embeds for great presentation. Real thorough incorporation of RSS feeds, mashups, conglomerated from who knows where. I'm looking at SpringWidgets, there appears to be a claim of desktop/site embeddibility. Google Gears, same thing. Springing up, like virtual flowers.

We'll see how it shakes out....

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